Whiteboard Interactive 70″ HD

Whiteboard Interactive 70″ HD

Whiteboard Interactive 70″ HD by Sharp


Sharp’s  70” class LED Interactive Display System gives you convincing reasons to think BIG – with brilliant color full HD images for greater communication power. Superior collaborative ease with touch-screen convenience. Use it as a digital whiteboard – as a multipurpose business tool with the included Sharp Pen Software™; use it as a data display for presentations, command and control and data viewing; use it as a remote collaboration tool to conduct webinars and video conferences; use it as an interactive signage monitor for way finding and other interactive applications. For versatility and performance, there’s never been a better time to think BIG – and think Sharp.

Product Highlights
  • Touch and Draw With Pen Or Finger
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools
  • Windows Compatible
  • Easy Import/Save/Share/Print
  • Built-In Templates
  • Video Conferencing
  • 24/7 Long Life Reliability
  • Energy-Efficient
 Whiteboard Interactive 70" HD White boardWhiteboard Interactive 70" HD PN-L702BWhiteboard Interactive 70" HD The Sharp PN-L702B 70″ HD Interactive Whiteboard LED-LCD Display is a touch-screen digital whiteboard with highly-useful interactive tools facilitating efficient communication and collaboration.
By use of an included Sharp Pen Software, all function icons such as “Open” and “Print” can be controlled by touch pen or by the touch of a finger. All data can likewise be worked with by touch and can also be drawn over. Images can be resized with the glide of two fingers or by touch pen.A featured toolbar and built-in background templates, such as graphs and a calendar, are also touch-interactive. All changes can be saved, shared, printed or erased, including the drawing marks.
The Pen Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office, and easily imports documents such as PowerPoint presentations. These documents can be edited and drawn over by touch as well. A keyboard can also be used — along with or instead of touch. (An optional Sharp compact PC (the PN-TPC1W7) or a regular PC is required for Windows and can easily plug into the whiteboard by HDMI cable.)The whiteboard can stream multiple video signals and is great for remote video conferencing and webinars as well as teleconferences, training sessions, and sales presentations. It can also serve commercial and digital signage purposes as it is engineered to reliably work 24/7 and is energy-efficient, and also because images on it can be resized to be very large.
At 69.5″ diagonally, the whiteboard can easily be mounted on a wall or positioned to stand.

Touch and Draw
Open, edit and draw over documents and images by touch pen or by the touch of a finger. Resize images with two fingers or by touch pen.

Import Microsoft Office documents, such as PowerPoint presentations, and edit them by touch. A keyboard can be used as well. (PC required for Windows).

Toolbar and Templates
Control a user-friendly toolbar and a library of background templates, such as graphs and a calendar, by touch.

Remote Collaboration
Stream multiple video signals for remote video conferencing and webinars.

Import Scanned Images
Attach a scanner, scan documents and import them directly onto the whiteboard.

High Image Quality and Full Array LED backlight
HD 1920 x 1080 resolution is combined with Sharp’s UV2A photo alignment technology for excellent color. And energy-efficient white LEDs are positioned evenly across the entire panel for uniform brightness, enhanced reliability and greater legibility of text, regardless of ambient light.

Infrared Touch Detection
Multiple infrared sensors detect touch points with greater accuracy to increase usability and precision.

Energy-Efficient 24/7 Use
Engineered to reliably work 24/7 and to be energy-efficient, the whiteboard is great for commercial use and digital signage purposes, in, for example, large retail locations, corporate settings, hotel lobbies, or trade-show exhibits and more.

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