VoIP PABX or  SIP-based IP voice switch with a small embedded OS and rich GUI(Graphical User Interface), providing a powerful networking and corporate communication function. With it, users can quickly deploy an internal communication system for enterprise, as well as configure convenient applications and value-added services on VoIP PABX via its GUI, to fit enterprises own various demand. Targeting for SOHO user and SMB market with an easy to use graphical interface, IP02 provides a cost-saving solution on their telecommunication/data needs. With IP02, company with branch offices in different countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through internet

How would a VoIP PABX connect.

You can use your current network cabling to install the VoIP PABX. You may also use your current Telkom lines.

Below is a diagram of how the connectivity would be done on a VoIP PABX .



1) I don’t have a network in place now what?

We will install Cat 5 cabling to all extension points. This will be charged at R395.00 + VAT per extension.

2) I don’t like VoIP due to voice quality issues as my ADSL is very slow.

The Pabx allows you to connect your normal Telkom lines to it. So you will have VoIP internally and you will dial out on the normal Telkom lines. There will be no voice quality issues internally as you will have a 100mb network.

3) What if I currently use VoIP and I just need a new VoIP PABX?

All your infrastructure is in place. We will come and install the new Pabx and use your current sip accounts and cabling. We will then program the system to your requirements, as per the features list.

4)How long does it take to install a VoIP PABX?

If your cabling is in place already, about 2 hours. If we need to cable we will be there for the day.

5) One of the features mentioned is voicemail, why would I need it?

Voicemail is used for advising clients that your offices are closed over certain periods. They may leave a message and this message will be forwarded to a predetermined email address. The recipient of that email can then decide if they need to contact the client if it is an emergency.

6) How much does it all cost?

The system prices vary. If you have two incoming lines and need 4 extensions and all the cabling is in place, your capital outlay would be about R11500 + VAT. You may also apply for a rental facility.


VoIP PABX Features

Web-based  Configuration
100  Available SIP extension for SMB (Small and Medium Business customer)
20 concurrent
Caller ID, Call Back, Call  Waiting, Call Transfer (Blind Transfer & Attend Transfer), Call Pickup(Group  Pickup & Directed Pickup), Call Parking, Call  Queues, Ring Group, Call Recording, Call Routing
Auto Provisioning
Interactive Voice Response
Call  Detail Records
Voice  Mail
Voicemail To Email
Conference Room
Password Protect for Conference Room
Personal Web Portal
Follow Me
Music on Hold
Skype for SIP
BLF  Support
Blacklist  Support
Intercom  / Paging
VPN  Client / Server
DHCP  Server
Virtual  LAN
Port Forward
PPPoE  Support
IP  Restriction
Storage  Quota Privilege
External Storage
Authentication  before Call Outbound
Audio Codec:G711u/a,G.729,G722,GSM,Speex,G726,ADPCM
Video Codec: H261,H263,H263P,H264