Premicell GSM Router

Premicell GSM Router

Premicell GSM Router are perfect in a small to large corporate, the more calls your office makes, the greater your potential savings will be.

How it works – The premicell re-routes the dialled number of your outgoing call to the cellular Network with the lowest call charges.

Premicell GSM Router

  No Telkom line required and you can use your Telkom fixed line look a like sim on this unit. R2495.00

GSM RouterThis device is intended to be used with a traditional analogue phone or behind a PBX system. You no longer require a regular landline. The unit connects wirelessly to your mobile cellular network. All you require is an electrical outlet to connect to the network.

The device has an integrated backup battery. This means that the unit  is still functional for a while during a power outage. The device has a standby period of a maximum of 8 hours if the telephone is not used. If the telephone is in use, the talk-time is about 1 hour. Note that there may be differences in talk and standby times depending on the type of telephone connected to the device and the cellular network signal strength.



Premicell GSM Router

 ( No Telkom line required)

Premicell GSM Router-Fusion 230 GSM router

Fusion 230 GSM router

Psitek Fusion 230 Least Cost Router – PSTN and GSM combined unit

Psitek Fusion 230 premicell GSm router assists in reducing costs associated with interconnect traffic.
Fusion 230

This Fusion 230 premicell GSM router, routes both GSM and fixed line calls optimally – radically reducing call costs. The Fusion 230 GSM router is suitable for a variety of environments including but not limited to corporate, SOHO or residential. PABX-compliant, it can be used in conjunction with a PABX but works just as well as a stand-alone unit.

What makes the Fusion 230 Premicell GSM router the ideal least cost router?

Most significant is the cost-saving factor which the Fusion 230 premicell GSM router offers. By routing calls via the most optimal channel, substantial savings can be enjoyed on both fixed line (PSTN) and cellular (GSM) voice calls – making it the least cost router of choice. The Fusion 230 premicell GSM router makes use of an earthed power supply that is easily obtainable from Psitek and other sources. Connected via a barrel jack, the power supply eliminates the need to physically ‘earth’ the unit. This makes for quicker and more convenient installation. The quick-reference LEDs reflect the status of the Fusion 230 premicell GSM router, colour coded for easy monitoring at a glance. Keeping up with market trends, the unit has a USB port. What’s more, the sleek design of the unit incorporates a ‘push-to-eject’ SIM card holder.

Remote Management wherever you are. Designed to compliment the Fusion 230’s feature list, the Psitek Management Centre (PMC) works in conjunction to create a seamless least cost routing solution. The PMC is a Psitek software solution, designed to streamline the operational and administrative processes of remotely managing multiple points of presence. This invaluable configuration and management tool affords users complete geographic flexibility, and can be used to manage:

>Activity reports

>Call data records

>Call routing tables

>Status reports, etc.

Not only does the Fusion 230 premicell GSM router, route out-going calls, but cost-savings can also be enjoyed on incoming calls. This is where the call-back functionality comes into play. A range of call back numbers can be predefined in a call routing table. When any of these numbers call into the Fusion 230 premicell GSM router, the Fusion 230 premicell GSM router recognises the number and immediately terminates the call. It then returns the call to the number that dialled in. In this way, the pre-defined numbers are also routed to the most cost effective line, reducing costs. This is particularly advantageous in corporate set-ups where sales representatives in the field call the main line on the company’s account.





Purchase:Replaced by Digicell





Premicell GSM Router-DIGICELLV2

Digicell premicell/router

Digicell V2 Least cost router

Premicell GSM router

Digi-Cell Premicell GSM Router-Save money on all calls to cell phones from your landlines
There are a few options available, depending on whether you have a Telkom phone system, a PABX or if you’re just using 1 line.


The router saves you up to 45% of your bill and here’s how it works!


The Digi Cell premicell GSM router houses a normal cell phone SIM card. Whenever you make a call to a cell phone, the call is now routed via the Digi Cell making the call a Cell to Cell call. If you don’t have one at present, you’re paying a Telkom to cell rate of R1.60 per minute even if you use only 1 second.


By using the Digi Cell, the call is billed at Cell to Cell rates which are cheaper already, but the real saving comes in because it is now per second billing.

• SMS Functionality

• Full SMS data suite available









Matrix Simado GFX11  Least Cost Router

Premicell GSM Router-GFX11-Application_Diag1Premicell GSM Router-Matrix_SIMADO_GFX11_1_0Premicell GSM Router-simadogfxd1111s     



















Matrix Simado GFX11  Least Cost Router – PSTN and GSM combined unit

Matrix Simado GFX11 premicell GSM router assists in reducing costs associated with interconnect traffic.
Matrix Simado GFX11


In addition to the obvious advantage of mobility, the GSM network also offers significant cost advantage to the subscribers. This motivates organizations to switch to mobile networks. They want to use the GSM networks for making and receiving calls even during office hours from their desks using their existing PBX infrastructure.

Presenting Simado GFX11, a compact and intelligent terminal that satisfies all your voice communication needs using the GSM line. The FXS port of the Simado GFX11 can be interfaced to the trunk (CO) port of any PBX. This allows all users of the PBX to make and receive calls through the GSM line.

Let Matrix Simado GFX11 be the bridge between your PBX and the GSM networks and add a competitive edge to your business by reducing telephone costs!

Matrix Simado GFX11 is a gateway to interface GSM and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) networks. On the GSM side, it supports quad-band operation allowing it to work with any GSM network. On the POTS side, the FXS port can be connected to any existing PBX.

Incoming calls on the GSM port are routed to the FXS port to reach the operator or any extension of the PBX. For outgoing calls, the PBX users continue dialling the numbers as if dialling on the normal trunk (CO) lines. Thus, the existing PBX users can avail the low tariff of GSM networks by connecting Simado GFX11 with the PBX without changing their existing infrastructure.

In addition, Matrix Simado GFX11 can also be used without a PBX in a stand-alone mode.

Access to long distance and international dialing can be controlled by programming Allowed and Denied Lists. This logic allows flexibility of allowing access to certain numbers while restricting to all others.

Number Translation feature automatically adds area code as prefix to a number before dialling it out on the GSM. Moreover, features like Hotline, Signal Strength Indication and Location Information Indication and Network Selection are also supported.

GSM Phase II features like Conference, Call Hold, Call Divert, Call Swap, etc. are also made available in Simado GFX11.

The Matrix Simado GFX11 finds its applications in corporate offices, factories, call centres, hotels, residences and such other establishments.

Service Providers

GSM operators can increase their revenue by replacing existing analog lines and offering customers to switch to their GSM networks.



Simado GFX11 helps in reducing company’s telecommunication cost by up to 30%. By connecting Simado to the Company’s PBX, all call made to the mobile phones from the company will be diverted through Simado GFX11.

Payphones (PCO)

Simado GFX11 can be connected to a payphone thus allowing it to be used anywhere within GSM coverage area. It provides Battery Polarity Reversal on its FXS port to activate the payphone metering mechanism.





































Premicell GSM Router-Premicell GSM Router-Premicell GSM Router-Premicell GSM Router-


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