Flameproof phones

Flameproof phones-A131

Flameproof phones are designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance.

The phone is suitable for use in harsh and hostile environment characterized by:

 flameproof phones

Flameproof phones-A131


•Automatic Telephone for use in Hazardous Environments.

Flameproof phones Rating

.Ex dem [ia]l/ll B+H2 T6

Flameproof phones Specifications

•Casing: Gun Metal Brass Casting

•Weight &Size: 9 Kgs (L) 280 x (W) 150 x (D) 140

•Dial: Silicon Rubber Tactical, Waterproof Pulse/Tone Switchable 1 – 10, * #, R (Redial) F (Flash 100ms)

•Transmission: Dynamic Capsules

•Standards: Designed To Comply With Telkom S.A DPT-TE-001 Specification. Ring Sensitivity 17 – 50 Hz 40V RMS – 105 v RMS

•Ring: Output Via The Handset Transmitter 85db

•Compatibility: Suitable For Use With Most PABX Systems On AN Analogue Port

Each chemical gas or vapour used in industry is classified into a gas group.

Group Flameproof phones Representative Gases
I All Underground Coal Mining. Firedamp (methane)
IIA Industrial methane, propane, petrol and the majority of industrial
IIB Ethylene, coke oven gas and other industrial gases
IIC Hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulphide

Apparatus marked IIB can also be used for IIA gases. IIC marked equipment can be used for both IIA and IIB. If a piece of equipment has just II and no A, B, or C after then it is suitable for any gas group.

A list must be drawn up of every chemical gas or vapor that is on the refinery/chemical complex and included in the site plan of the classified areas. The above groups are formed in order of how volatile the gas or vapor would be if it was ignited, IIC being the most volatile and IIA being the least. The groups also indicate how much energy is required to ignite the gas by spark ignition, Group IIA requiring the most energy and IIC the least.


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