Mobile PBX

Mobile PBX

Why Mobile PBX…

• Mobile PBX (MPBX) is designed to provide Corporate and SMEs with business grade telephony features, on a true Fixed Mobile Converged solution.

• Use traditional PBX features, like Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Receptionist, etc., on a mobile phone.

• Business can port their geographic fixed line telephone numbers and use it with Mobile PBX.

• No need to get new numbers, or change your marketing or business cards to reflect new phone numbers.

• Lower operational cost than a traditional PBX.

• Save on call costs by making calls at fixed line call rates, even from linked mobile phones.

• No incoming call forwarding charges to transfer business calls to mobile phones.

• Mobile PBX does not need traditional Telco or internet lines, therefore no line rental charges.

• No need to upgrade your data network and cabling to support IP telephones, as the solution can work purely on our network using mobile phones.

• Go Green, and reduce your electricity bill. There is no need for desk phones or LAN equipment, so no power is consumed for telephony.

• Manage staff call costs by having detailed call records and charges with optional TMS, plus control what numbers staff can dial.

• No more claims or allowances to process for staff claiming business calls charges made from their personal mobile phones.

• Staff are more productive as they can always receive calls, even when they are not at their desk.

• Access links for (VoIP) or desk phones can be supported, if required.

Mobile PABX

Mobility Advantage

• Split bill for business and private calls.

• Business calls are automatically charged to the companies’ account.

• Business calls does not consume minutes or generate call charges on the linked mobile handsets.

• Business and private mobile contract users receive separate bills.

• Corporates pay a standard rate for business calls, instead of paying different call rates.

• Business can advertise a single contact number.

• The business landline numbers will be displayed to the called party when staff make business calls from their mobile phone.

• Keep the same fixed line number, even when the mobile number linked to this service is changed.

• Easy to use.

• Works with most mobile phones.

• Some basic GSM phones can be used-whitelisted smart phone application on the phone to make business calls.

• Mobile PBX calls do not consume data for voice calling. Calls are made using normal GSM calls.

• Users can control their Mobile PBX features via phone app or by dialling feature codes from their mobile phone. (Example, Activate do not Disturb,
Activate/Deactivate call forward, Call Pickup, etc.)

To read more, download the presentation: HERE

Different levels of phones to cater for all users.

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