Gigaset AL140 repairs

Gigaset AL140 repairs

Cheaper than having your Gigaset AL140 repaired. Replacement handsets, chargers and bases

Gigaset AL140 repairs - handsetGigaset AL140 repairs - AL140 base Gigaset AL140 repairs - Gigaset power supply

 Gigaset AL140 repairs

Instead of finding someone to repair your Gigaset AL140, rather replace the units at about the same price.


We currently have stock of: Gigaset AL140 repairs

Gigaset AL140 handsets: R400.00 (No stock)

Gigaset AL140 bases: R400.00 (No Stock)

Gigaset AL140 power supplies: R300.00

Gigaset AL140 battery R200.00


Handsets exclude batteries

Bases exclude power supplies

 How to register your new handset or base:

1. Gigaset AL140 repairs

2. Gigaset AL14H


Front features:

B/W display: 1-line dot-alphanumeric 14 digit + 1 line for pictograms + 1 line for softkeys

Amber Illuminated display

Operations controlled via menu

Navigation key

LED signalling

No Field strength displayed

Charging status displayed

Date and time displayed

Call duration per call displayed

Special Features:

No Handsfree talking

10 standard melodies (3 earpiece volumes, 5 tone volume settings plus off (via Longpress plus crescendo)

Alarm call and date reminder


Wall mountable Multilingual menu in 19 country specific languagesDialing Features

Redial function for last 10 numbers

Phone directory up to 40 numbers and names >Pre-dialing with correction facility

Pre-selection of Netprovider automatically

Last 20 missed calls list with timestamp and dialling facility

NO SMS Functionality

Analogue Access

DTMF dialing

CLIP-name indication for: incoming call, outgoing call, missed call list, redial list

Connection of a door station

Features with more than 1 handset simultaneous calls (conferencing) for 1ext., 2 int.

Transfer of external calls to another handset another handset with prior consultation

NO answering machine

Technical specifications:


Handset extension up to 4 handsets

Weight of the handset incl. battery approx. 122 g

Weight basestation approx. 110 g

Standby time up to 200 h

Talk time up to 13 h >Battery system NiMH

Range indoor up to 50 m

Range outdoor up to 300 m

Dimensions Handset (LxWxD) 152 x 50 x 34 mm Dimensions Basestation (LxWxD) 90 x 110 x 71 mm Dimensions Charger (LxWxD) 27 x 71 x 75 mm

Available in black